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Go ahead and strive for first-class Qihe: the increment of total foreign trade is considerable

Date:10:06:47 2022/03/04 Views:1155

Innovate the way of market development and strengthen communication. Qihe organized more than 30 enterprises to participate in the ASEAN Investment Promotion Conference to deepen industrial cooperation and economic and trade exchanges with ASEAN; Organize Juwei RV, baiduoan medical equipment and other enterprises to participate in the province's new kinetic energy Qingdao fair, actively participate in "Online + offline" activities such as ASEAN Expo, Canton Fair and China International Fair, expand overseas markets and grab orders. Dong Juan, deputy director of Qihe County Bureau of Commerce, said that this year, Qihe will further implement the gradient cultivation plan for foreign trade enterprises, continue to rely on services for key enterprises, focus on tracking and services for potential enterprises, introduce and cultivate leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and tap new growth and support points of foreign trade.