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Dalian's total import and export value in the first two months increased by 16.7% year-on-year, "real gold and silver" to build credit guarantee

Date:12:03:38 2022/04/12 Views:534

The customer manager of Dalian Branch of Agricultural Bank of China gave an on-site briefing on the operation and financing needs of yishanhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Photographed by Su Dapeng of economic daily

"Although affected by the epidemic and other factors, we are still very confident in foreign trade business. This year, we will continue to be bigger and stronger." Song binbing, general manager of Dalian Yifeng Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., said confidently.

Song binbing's confidence comes from the strong financial support of Dalian. As an international shipping center city in Northeast China, Dalian is known as the "northeast opening-up window", with a large number of foreign trade enterprises and high activity. Recently, affected by the repeated epidemic, rising raw material costs, poor cross-border shipping and other factors, the foreign trade business of Dalian enterprises is facing a certain impact. We will strengthen the confidence of Dalian's financial institutions in providing diversified and stable foreign trade services and products, and actively solve difficulties for local financial institutions.

"Real gold and silver" to build credit guarantee

406.068 billion yuan, which is the total amount of new loans granted by Dalian's financial industry to foreign trade enterprises since the outbreak of the epidemic. Over the past two years, Dalian has successively issued "16 articles on financial support for stabilizing foreign trade" and "12 articles on financial stabilizing foreign trade" and other measures to do a solid job in stabilizing foreign trade and take out "real gold and silver" to build credit guarantee for foreign trade enterprises.

To ease the financing difficulties of foreign trade enterprises, Dalian financial institutions have come up with practical credit measures. In 2020, Bank of China Dalian branch and Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce jointly launched financial support measures for foreign trade enterprises. In that year alone, a total of 187 foreign trade enterprises were granted 12.8 billion yuan of special credit.